Eddie Charles

“I take pride in being the one to bring that drive and energy to our frontline”

Eddie Charles; Soca, Reggae Artist

Eddie Charles is a never ending bundle of energy. He’s been going for more than three decades and is known for his in-your-face fearless approach on stage. Eddie is proudly rooted in calypso having first dabbled in the genre at Bourg Mulatresse RC Primary School. He would later play with soca bands Infinity and Sunburn before making a leap into the spotlight with the wildly successful Traffik. Eddie toured the world during the 90’s with Traffik and established a huge reputation on the international soca circuit with songs like Musical Healing, Shadowing, Thank you and Coal Pot. He later started his own band Triple X which enjoyed a successful run during the early 2000’s. Eddie is also well recognized from his Soca parang hits "Ah Coming Dey and Bring Drinks on the Christmas Riddim" which are still staples during the Christmas season. In 2013 The San Juan based entertainer once again reinvented himself with the A Team Band where he has adopted a leadership role. In 2015 Eddie was a Soca monarch semi finalist with the song "Jamdown". This year he recorded 2 groovy songs entitled "Outta Ordah and Fete Manager" both produced in Barbados by Dwain Antrobus of Bassink Studios.